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10-11-1999, 11:35 AM
Sorry for this long post. It may help someone with more know-how to help me with the next step. The following was sent to Creative Labs yesterday but they are notoriously slow with a good helping of indifference.

'After my recent experience with installing Liveware 2.1, the
resulting corrupted registry, several weeks trying to trace the
problem, long (5-day) waits for a response from Creative Support
and finally reformatting and reinstalling EVERYTHING, I decided,
since I have one of your SBLive Value cards, to try once more
with Liveware 3.

I've also decided to share with you in detail the results of this
process, since it may help you to help me. My apologies for any
redundant or irrelevant information.

To begin with, my system:

Cyrix 6x86 P200,
64 mb ram,
Win95OSR2 (b).
Video card: Virge S3 DX/GX RevB. 4mb ram
Seagate 8 gig HD.
Direct X: v 4.06
Direct X Media Runtime: v 5.2
Card name: Creative SB Live! Wave Device
Wave Out Device: SB Live! Wave Out [6100]
PnP or PCI ID: PCI\VEN_1102&DEV_0002\BUS_00&DEV_13&FUNC_00
Driver: ctmm16.drv
Version: '4.06.652' English Final Retail
Date and Size: 07/16/99 01:07:00 17008 bytes
Current files: ctmm16.drv(English), emu10k1.vxd(English, 7-30-1999)

Downloaded software from Creative:
Liveware 3 core installation files,
Liveware 3 Playcentre installation files (including revised

The SBLV card was recognised and installed without problem by
Windows & Creative's supplied CD-Rom.

At the time of my Liveware 3 core install, the Playcentre and Cyrix update files were NOT installed.

Initially my system was clean and functioning well, with no Registry problems. About 1.3 gig of the 8 gig HD was used for system and app files. Plenty of room. I regularly use WinSafe98 as a registry backup (which saved my ass once again in this
process) and RegRepair2000's registry cleaner and optimiser which, until I installed Liveware 3, functioned without problem.

So to the Liveware 3 install:

I installed all Liveware 3 files as downloaded from Creative. The install went well until it was time to reboot.
At this point I received a plain green screen and error message - referred to henceforth as (message 1) - in the boot screen as follows:

Windows encountered an error when backing up the system registry.
Make sure you have enough space on the drive for 3 copies of the
file C:\windows\user.dat. This error should not cause any loss of
information, but if space is not made on the drive, you may
experience additional problems. Please fix this problem and then
restart your computer'

The screen with this message was frozen. The OK prompt did not work. Pressing Ctrl/Alt/Del repeatedly did not lead to a reboot but brought up a blue screen with the following, referred
henceforth as (message 2):

Invalid Vxd dynamic link call from VMM(01) +00008CBC to device '0009', service 8003. Your windows configuration is invalid. Run the windows setup program again to correct this problem. To continue running windows press Y or Enter. To quit the current program press N. If you continue running windows, your system may become unstable. Do you want to continue?'

I chose Yes. This produced another screen with (message 1) this time with a green screen backgound and with the top 1/4 of the screen filled with vertical lines (like a piano keyboard). This screen was also frozen. Ctrl/Alt/Del produced no response.
Pressed RESET. ScanDisk runs. Then a green screen with (message 1). Frozen as before. Ctrl/Alt/Del again gave (message 2). Rebooted.

I went through the above processes several times, each time ending with blue screens and frozen screens.

Proceedure from here on:

After subduing momentary panic brought on by my previous experience with Liveware 2.1, I booted to SAFE mode. ScanDisk runs, entered SAFE mode to be met by the (message 1) screen. This
time the OK prompt works but produces another dialog with the following info:

'Enum\Monitor\Default_Monitor\0001- No Class key. Failed!'

Pressed OK. This produced the Windows Display Properties\Settings window. Pressed OK. Next dialog box:
'DESKTOP - windows running in SAFE Mode'. Pressed OK.

Went to Add\Remove Programs and removed SoundBlaster Live Value, namely
- Creative Launcher
- Surround Mixer
- Audio HQ
- Diagnostics
- Windows Drivers

Shutdown. Cold reboot.

Met by favourite green screen with (message 1). Frozen. Ctrl/Alt/Del produces(message 2).

Booted again to SAFE mode. Same (message 1) screen. Pressed OK. Produces a dialog box as above with:

'Enum\Monitor\Default_Monitor\0001- No Class key. Failed!'

At this stage I gave up and using WinSafe98, returned my Registry
to its previously pristine condition. Once Windows was up and running again, I used CleanSweep2000 to remove about 500k of Liveware 3 residue left on my system after Add\Remove was run (above).

My SBLV card is still installed. Liveware 3 has been PURGED! I have no idea what the cryptic Windows messages mean.

Needless to say, when I consider the time and energy spent in troubleshooting, reinstalling, reading through untold and often contradictory Creative NG posts, long delays in hearing back from Creative's Support people, and the indifferent responses from some of the folks there, I have felt considerable resentment towards

I will however try my damnest to stay away from the blame-game and try to achieve a workable solution.

Way back, when I first used the SBLV card with the original Liveware 2
CD that came with it, I was really impressed with the quality of the sound. I have no idea now if my registry with that v2 was also corrupt. I certainly remember the registry ballooning from 5mb to more than 12mb. However, this size increase may be par for this card and software.

If you could get your rocket scientists to take a look at this problem I would appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you.'


Any advice much appreciated. Thanks for reading this far!