View Full Version : messenger screwed up big-time

22-01-2003, 09:55 AM
Here I was on my computer happily browsing websites, when I get this nice new look in MSN Messenger - transparency! You can see what I was seeing here (http://sal.neoburn.net/pf1images/msn.jpg), though it's not an actual screenshot from the time. I couldn't get a screenshot because everytime I pressed 'Print Screen' I got an old-style popup reading "There is not enough available memory to create or display the graphic.".

And hey, whaddaya know, it's doing it again while I'm trying to save the pic and upload it... and it's doing some wonderful bold text effects where it shouldn't be, and adding in some lovely looking six' that look rather like this: 6 positioned in random places on the screen where they certainly don't belong!

Isn't it wonderful getting low on memory for absolutely no reason?