View Full Version : Resurrecting a Digital Venturis 486 -CD ROM etc

07-11-1999, 05:22 PM
I have a Digital Venturis model 466 that a friend has asked me to see if I can breathe some life into it. It is a 486 - DX66 with a 550MB H/D and 16MB RAM with a network card of some sort in it.It has no CD ROM and a clean hard drive. From what I can see it has video on the motherboard - unsure about the sound but no sound card is visible.

My friend has asked me look at putting in a modem and a CD ROM (secondhand parts) so that he can have a very basic machine to play with.

It seems to fire up okay and brings up the 'C' prompt. The disc has had Win 95 on at some stage (splash screen comes up for a moment) and a directory check shows just the command files are left on the drive.

I haven't checked it's Y2K compliance yet but I was wondering what is the best way to install the CD ROM?

Is it simply a matter of conecting it up and then installing the drivers in DOS? I presume this is the way to get it up and running so I can then load windows 95?

There is a spare bay in the machine and it appears to have all the correct cabling to have a CD ROM in it(presumably it has had one at some stage).

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Darryl Lennane