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18-01-2003, 09:09 AM
I have a problem starting my computer (P3/1000, Win98se, 6Gb hdd, 512Mb RAM, Chaintech ct-6ata2 mbd) - when I turn it on, the screen stays blank as the hdd boots, then part way through the power kicks off and the whole thing dies.

The only way I can start now, is to begin with the monitor switched off, hit the power button, wait 4 secs, turn on the monitor, if I get the timing right the green monitor light stays on and she boots ok, but it takes several attempts to do this.

This only started happening about a week ago after some Net surfing deep into unknown territory (lots of popups etc.) and around the same time I had been trying out game demos off cover discs - installing and uninstalling several programs.

I have tried another monitor, and another (new) power supply - tried resetting BIOS defaults, (especially in Power Configuration) all to no avail.

Could I have a boot sector virus? I am going to try replacing my MBR, but I read this could jeopardise areas of my hdd, so I wanted to exhaust other possibilites first.

Strangely, my other computer (AMD K6-2/500, Win98se, 4.3hdd, Gigabyte ga7smm mbd 128RAM) is doing the same thing after I uninstalled some programs. I tried reformatting hdd twice, but never fixed the problem - it now will only boot in the mornings with a reset!)


18-01-2003, 11:24 AM
souns like a hardware thing so dont shoot the MBR yet.

i have seen the problem before and that time it was a problem between the video card and the monitor.

a new monitor fixed that one but you say you have tryed a new monitor??

18-01-2003, 12:25 PM
Yes, tried another monitor, but I agree it might be related to video card - maybe I'll try a different card and see it that sorts it out.