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14-01-2003, 04:01 PM
Just a quick "curiosity" question.
Wheres the 'B' Drive?

I mean - in a standard windows installation ( with 1 HDD, 1 Fdd, 1CD)
they are usally labelled A (fdd) C (HDD) and D (CD)
And when u add in another cd-rom drive - it usually gets D as its drive letter.

But wheres B drive?
Can you change a drives letter to this? Is it safe to do so?
And why does windows miss it out?

14-01-2003, 04:06 PM
In the beginning there was....The IBM PC.
It had one or 2 floppy drives. HDD never came out until the XT model.

The first floppy was A:
If fitted, the second was B:

This system probably predated to CPM systems and before as well I suspect.

These names have been reserved since then for software compatability.
I would [b]not [/b[ recommend trying to use the names for non FDD drives.

have you run out of names in the C: - Z: ??

14-01-2003, 04:10 PM
thanks for tht godfather.
na, i have just set up a new partitioned HDD, and i was wondering where B drive was - just out of curiousity.

14-01-2003, 04:11 PM
I would leave it.. If you're wanting to map more network drives, do some without drive letters....

For some PC's which have 2 Floppy Drives, they assign the second the letter B:\

I can remember on my old 286:
a: = 5 1/4" FDD
b: = 3 1/2" 1.44MB FDD
c: = 20MB HDD Which was usually compressed to a whopping 37MB!!!!

At the end - When it came time to sll the PC after and upgrade, I had about 100 floppies... Compare that to the HDD size....

Tom McB
14-01-2003, 05:33 PM
True, a second floppy drive registers as B: However, DOS (I think even W95 or W98SE) will allow B: on a single drive machine.

"COPY A:<filename> B:" allows you to save copies to a second floppy disk with only one drive (and often a lot of disk swapping).

Here's one from a DOS head -
SUBST allows you to "spoof" a drive by SUBSTituting one drive letter for another.