View Full Version : Should I get Windows Media Player 9

12-01-2003, 01:04 AM
Microsoft has just released windows media player 9
What are the advantages it will have over media player 7 on a windows ME system
What fishy agreements are in the licence agreement,

I don't like the fact that to uninstall it you have to use system restore. (It would be a pain if after a few months you discovered there was a problem, and you ended up reinstalling all the programs after it

Your views are welcome and appreciated

Bob Kehely
12-01-2003, 09:16 AM

Well I downloaded media 9 a couple of days ago, and so far everything is working fine, on xp mind you, I'm not sure how it will reacte on ME.

one thing that is new is the normalising of music for playing or burning cds. it works well with media on the net...better I reckon than media 7
and it does produce a great sound when playing music.

It seems a bit more complex to use than other players, but then that could be just me.

I've seen the restore system work on ME, and sometimes it doesnt seem to restore accurately, so you may be looking at a full recovery if things go wrong.

good luck,