View Full Version : Serious help needed

01-11-1999, 10:45 PM
After a major crash I formated my hard drive and reinstalled win98 from a
'recovery CD' as supplied by HP in lieu of a win 98 disk.Everything went ok
for at least five minutes. I noticed on the third reboot that a card popped
up demanding my name and giving me the option of entering a password.It also
said that if I didn't enter a password I wouldn't see it again.I entered a
name and pressed ok.The next time I rebooted up popped the sign again .I hit
cancel and it went away.Then I found that my internet password had
disappeared.I re-entered it and all was ok until I looked at dial up
networking.Not only had my password gone, but the save password box was
greyed out.I could re-enter password but not save it.
I rebooted again and when asked entered my name and hit ok. Miraculously I
could now save password in DUN and IE again remembered password and
This means if I don't enter my name every time I boot I have to manualy
enter password to access the net.
I spent an hour on the phone with HP but they knew as much as I do.Very
little.At this stage there was nothing on hard drive except what came off
program recovery disk.I have since upgraded to IE5 but nothing has changed.
I have also reformated three times with the same result.
If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.All the obvious things
have been tried and retried.
Jack Gruschow gruschow@internet.co.nz