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01-11-1999, 10:19 PM
I recently uninstalled IE 4.0, intending to install a later version (eg 4.01 or 5). For some reason I forgot that when you install a newer version it just replaces the old one. Anyway, because I had the Active Desktop Update installed, it totally changed the Windows interface, which is a bit of a pain. It also meant that I couldn't use Outlook Express, so I can't get e-mails. (I tried to set up Netscape communicator to receive them, but failed.) So, I then tried to install IE 4.01 off a CD. This didn't work. I then tried to reinstall 4.0 from the CD that came with my PC. I went through the setup process, but when it came to installing the files, it said 'Setup could not install some of the files. Close all programs and restart setup.' I tried this several times without success. At the same time that I unInstalled IE, at start-up it said 'Sage.vxd' was missing. Has this got anything to do with me uninstalling IE. Is this missing file preventing me from reinstalling IE. Has anyone got any ideas about how I can Install IE (Any version above 4.0)? My computer is a Dell Dimension XPS D266 with 32 MB of ram, 4.3 GB, Win 95B.
If any one has bothered to read this could you *please* help if you can.