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08-01-2003, 11:08 AM
I have installed a DVD player [Maximus DVD Player], and their supplied codecs.

All works fine .. except the sound is very quiet. All volume controls are set to MAXimums, including volume control on the speakers. I pretty sure it's not the player at fault, because even Windows Media Player has the same "problem" with DVDs.

While listening to the movie, even with everything at MAX the sound is so quiet any other sounds in the room make it quite hard to hear the movie soundtrack. If you forget to change the volume settings back as you finish, your ears really get blasted(!)

Anyone have any idea how to fix this problem i.e.and get the volume back to the same output levels that all other apps generate, or at least to an audible level?

I have checked all the cables, and all the volume control settings in Windows & all players. All other sound e.g. CD music, AVI files etc etc play perfectly l_o_u_d !

08-01-2003, 11:48 AM
>>> I pretty sure it's not the player at fault, because even Windows
>>> Media Player has the same "problem" with DVDs.

It could be the player software at fault, as Windows Media player uses the seperate software player to decode DVDs, so in essense you're using the same player to watch your DVDs. Try downloading and installing a different DVD player program (such as PowerDVD) and see if that makes any difference.



PS if you install another DVD player I believe that all your DVD player programs use the one codec to play, which would usually be the last one installed.

08-01-2003, 12:13 PM
i prefer zoomplayer (http://www.inmatrix.com/zplayer/) myself.

the odds are its the codec at fault. dvd is normally a lot quieter than normall. some codecs give you an optoin to icrease the sound level. however there are very few legal free dvd codecs around.

i use nvida's nvdvd (trial) with zoomplayer as the front end. zoomplayer is handy as you can set up what codecs get used(so you can mix and match your favorite codecs)

08-01-2003, 12:48 PM
this happens on all dvd players even good ones hooked up to you tv

Audio level too low
In truth the audio level is too high on everything else. Movie soundtracks are extremely dynamic, ranging from near silence to intense explosions. In order to support an increased dynamic range and hit peaks (near the 2V RMS limit) without distortion, the average sound level must be lower. This is why the line volume from DVD players is lower than from almost all other sources.

for more info on dvd's go to

then click on dvdmyths link

08-01-2003, 01:36 PM
>this happens on all dvd players even good ones hooked up to you tv

yes except you still don't need to have the volume on full to barely hear it, unless the speakers are really underpowered.

09-01-2003, 10:09 PM
i just downloaded it and tried it out. all i can say is its crap. sound volume is extremly low (way lower than any of my dvd progs) and kept breaking up with crackle. it looks to be an early fraunhofer give away codec which explains its lack of quality.

either look for another free one or ,most likly, go get a paid dvd player.

09-01-2003, 10:17 PM
Thanks for trying that out .. I'll try loadiung the InterActual DVD player that came on the Star Wars I DVD we got given at Xmas time and there's a better codec supplied with it.

I assume as Mike says it'd install & be used in preference to the current codec.

09-01-2003, 10:40 PM
yes the new one should take over. one of the reasons i like zoomplayer is its easy to register codecs.