View Full Version : network slows down

Ross Swain
07-01-2003, 11:36 PM
I run a small peer to peer network, 6 PCs, with the two PCs doing the serving both running Win2000 and using TCP/IP over 100mb/s network. The main program we use is a Fox Pro based database accounting package. The speed with which I can access this program depends on which PC loads the program first. PC 1 has the data. If I load the program from PC 2 first I get good access speed on that machine even if PC 1 then loads the program. If PC 1 loads the program first PC 2 crawls when it loads the program. In the days of DOS I would have tried the "Files=" or "Buffers=" in config.sys but I don't think such a thing exists in W2K. I've even had a "expert" in to look at my system only to tell me I've got everything set up correctly. Copying etc files over the network always seems to work at good speed although some machines vary in speed as expected. This problem has become far worse since upgrading PC 1 to W2K yet the older PCs win98/95 actually improved access speed after the upgrade. Any and all suggestions gratefully accepted!!!

Big John
08-01-2003, 12:42 AM
Try turning off QOS which does affect some things. It is suppose to control network stuff so that it reserves speed for the OS but for me on XP I have turned it off as completely as possible. Win2K and upwards has it.