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07-01-2003, 07:31 AM
Can anyone tell me which is the better AGP card to use for mainly 2D AutoCAD LT work - Geforce 4 Ti4200(128MB) or the Radeon 9500(128MB).
I don't really play games, mainly used for AutoCAD LT, Graphics work.


07-01-2003, 08:45 AM
Well, For starters, both are graphics cards for "High-Strain" games that use a specialised GPU (Graphical Proccessing Unit) for rendering all the game details etc.

Basically, Im not too sure how AutoCard works in depth, Ive seen something like it (Maybe even that program itself) and I can safely say that if you're only going to be doing 2D, or even basic 3D stuff, then both are a bit of overkill!

You would probably be better off saving some $$ and buying a GeForce 4 MX 440 and using the money to buy extra RAM, which programs like that can sometimes chew up.

If you want, I would say why not buy them, but I dont really feel it would be neccesary, seeing as these are top of the line cards which would set you back $3-600 depending on where you shop!

Check http://www.pricespy.co.nz for some great prices, all in $NZ



07-01-2003, 08:50 AM
if you do CAD work then i suggest sticking to a card designed for CAD (eg quadro) or a the least a really good 2D card (matrox).

07-01-2003, 06:41 PM
Yeah go with something like a matrox. Also the radeon will probably have better 2d than the geforce, but drivers may not be as good.