View Full Version : HP Deskjet670C

31-10-1999, 10:51 AM
I have been using this printer to print greeting cards on some very nice deckle edged cards purchased from s stationery store. They come in packs and are designated for use by printers but arre heavier in weight than is recommended. I print mostly in full colour, rarely using black.
The result is that after printing cards the black produces lines in both text and grayscale illustrations as though the ink is running out. The first time this happened I did the full bit of physical and via computer cleaning and aligning but to no effect. The black ink was getting low so replaced the cartridge and all was well. (The colour printing was apparently unaffected). Christmas and I am back to producing cards. The same thing has happened again, cause and effect this time very clear, but this time I have a nearly new cartridge of black ink. Any suggestions on how to fix this without sacrificing an ink cartridge?