View Full Version : Happy New Year and Thank You All

Carol T
31-12-2002, 08:04 PM
Just taking a moment to wish all the regular helpers and occasional visitors a Happy New Year and to say Thank You so much for all the info stored here and in your clever heads. Many times I have been stumped by stuff my computer does, or has, or just for advice on stuff like firewalls and installing programmes...and I know that if I do a search I will pretty much always find what I need here..because you bothered to answer other people's questions too. You guys are amazing. You have saved me stress and definitely $$$ and I have appreciated also the lovely humour and banter among yourselves too. What fun it would be to win Lotto and bring you all together for a partyyyyyyyy! Ahhh..wishes...but i will buy a ticket anyway. Many many thanks...your time and efforts are very much appreciated.