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31-12-2002, 11:23 AM
How is everyone finding their domestic service from Clear these days? I'm in Auckland, and much of the time it is maddeningly slow, specifically when checking email. Every step of the process, authorisation, bringing in or sending, it is like getting blood out of a stone. Time of day doesn't seem to matter much.

I've checked my setup against the details provided by Clear on their web page, so all is correct I'm fairly sure, and anyway, just occasionally the service is good. I sent them a email two weeks ago, asking about this, with all the details they asked for about my setup, but have had no reply.

Oddly enough, if I use Paradise to bring in the mail, out of sheer annoyance with Clear, it is almost invariably quick, as one would expect from a decent ISP.

Using a dial-up account, 56K modem, W98.

31-12-2002, 11:33 AM
seems ok down here nr chch
I think clear or telstra owns paradise..?