View Full Version : Agfa Scanner Drivers in XP

Martin Ryan
30-12-2002, 04:11 PM
I am considering installing my Agfa Snapscan 310P on a new Win XP computer. Agfa does not provide XP drivers for that model, although they do for others in their range.

I have trawled the web looking for solutions, some of which are are a bit scarey.

Has anyone succeeded in getting a 310P to work under XP? Can I use a driver for a different model? Can I use the old Win95 drivers in compatibility mode?

Any responses appreciated.


Jen C
30-12-2002, 08:06 PM
After extensive searching as well I think you are out of luck.

The 310p is one of the Agfa scanners that doesn't work under XP. There are however beta drivers for Windows 2000 on the support site. For this scanner, there will never be XP drivers in the future since as of September 2001 Agfa is no longer in the desktop scanner and digital camera business. If you are running Windows XP and want to use your SnapScan 310p, you can keep Windows 98 or 2000 on a different partition and install the drivers on that partition.

So unless you want to dual boot with Win98 or Win2000 you might need to go shopping for a new scanner.