View Full Version : Firewall Software for Doze

29-12-2002, 03:45 PM

Ive realised I am living on borrowed time without a firewall, so I decided to download the latest version of ZoneAlarm 3.

It wasnt what I was expecting or wanting.

It disabled ICS and I couldnt figure out how to re-enable letting my other two PC's use it (It said it disabled DHCP requests and stuff like that too).

I un-installed it and rebooted and all was well again.

What happened to the 2.6 which had a nice list of EVERYTHING that tried to happen.

Also, I sorta saw the IP Range thing, but couldnt work it out. I was in major need of the Net at that stage so I simply removed it.

I want anything from the LAN to be able to go out, but mainly want control of things trying to come in, so If somebody might be able to explain how ZoneAlarm works, i might re-use it!



29-12-2002, 04:05 PM
Under the Firewall page (on the left) choose the Zones tab (on the top) and add the IP's for your networked PC's. You don't want absolutely everything to go out as one of the beauties of zonealarm is that it lets you know if something that shouldn't is trying to access the outside. I've known that to alert someone that they have a virus.