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28-10-1999, 04:55 PM
Nero Burning ROM

Having read about Nero in PC World Feb 1999, I downloaded it and have been using it successfully ever since, including upgrading through and

Last week I downloaded version and installed it over the top of Since then I have not been able to record audio CDs without the messages 'could not complete end process' and 'burn failed' at the end of the burn.

I contacted the Nero support service, and they very promptly suggested two fixes to try: download the current winaspi.dll, and install a registry patch which they supplied. Neither of these suggestions worked.

Since then I have been able to get any response from Nero.

Anyone else had a problem with this version?

Incidentally, I did try the 'failed' CDs in a CD player, and they do actually play quite normally, so maybe the error messages at the end of the burn are false. But somehow I don't quite trust it.

Nero does have some neat new features, including an excellent MP3 encoder.

Now seriously considering reverting back to the earlier version, but not sure of the best way to do this, whether to uninstall the present version, or to install the old version over the top the current one.

Any tips would be much appreciated.