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28-12-2002, 11:40 PM
Up until a week ago I was running IE4.0 and then upgraded to IE6.0, and I 've found that my outlook express address book is empty and all of my old email messages are gone - can anyone suggest how I can get my old address book back?

Jen C
29-12-2002, 10:35 AM
Using the search function have a look for files with a wab extension (address books) eg: *.wab

How many files are found? Try double-clicking on them and see if any contain your old addresses.

Post back with what you find. I am also assuming that your OS is Win98.

29-12-2002, 10:56 AM
Once you have found your old *.wab address book take note of its location on your hard drive (it should be more than a few kb in size by the way) try using the Import wizard in Outlook Express to transfer it. Go to
File > Import > Address Book then browse to your located file and follow the rest of the wizard.

29-12-2002, 10:31 PM
Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and found the address book file (94kb) in size and when I double clicked on it, - it was empty. One of the reasons I upgraded to IE6 was a reinstall that I was doing at time. Using a downloaded trial version of Easy Recovery, I found another version of the address book which is 192kb in size, unfortunately I can't open it - without paying $199 for the full version of the software. - What can you advise? - F

Lady Macbeth
30-12-2002, 12:22 AM
Rename the 94kb .wab file (just put a _ in front of the file name) then move the 192kb version into the same folder. Now go to Outlook Express and try opening your Address Book.

30-12-2002, 09:21 AM
The 192kb version had been identified by Easy Recovery, and while I couldn't open it, I could save it. It was automatically saved as 'ersave.dat' I tried to rename it and move it to application data/microsoft/address book, but outlook express failed to recognise it.
Obviously the trial version of easy recovery doesn't actually recover the file in a useable state, hence the requirement to buy the full version.
Help !!

30-12-2002, 10:25 AM
Did you not do a backup of your files before doing this reinstall? It is always wise to do regular backups whether you are reinstalling or not, but particularly so before making changes to your system. If you haven't then please regard this as a lesson for doing so in the future.

To clarify things a little, did you just reinstall Internet Explorer or the entire Windows? What version of Windows are you running? If you just reinstalled IE the *.wab file should not have just been wiped or disappear. Did you try renaming the 'ersave.dat' file to the same name as the other one, including changing the extension to *.wab?

One thing you could try is opening the 'ersave.dat' file in Wordpad - hold down Shift, right click on it, and choose 'Open With' then select Wordpad. You may be able to view the contents sufficiently to rebuild a new address book from scratch, as a last resort.