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28-12-2002, 06:27 PM
ok heres another problem for you all - I have a compaq presario laptop that i have upgraded the ram in - it came with 128 i added a 256 chip and did make 384 but since i added the ram it locks up for no reason and ive noticed that the ram is now saying 368 mb ram so i took the 256 chip out and the original ram is now saying 112 i was sure it was 128 before. There doesnt seem to be a pattern to it locking up - seems totally random - the screen just completely freezes - any ideas?

28-12-2002, 06:31 PM
Without knowing the laptop specs, I would guess the 16 Mb "missing" is reserved for video display?

Is the new RAM the correct speed? It doesnt matter if its faster, as long as its not slower.

28-12-2002, 06:44 PM
yes it is certainly faster but the problem of it the screen locking up is very annoying - this used to happen only if i turned the webcam on - since i installed the new ram it is happening about once an hour - the screen freezes and the computer doesnt respond in any way.
the cpu is 950 hard drive 20 gb will plenty of free space - the reason i upgraded the ram was that the webcam would lock up and freeze this still happens and with the added problem of the whole system locking up without the webcam being on at all
Any suggestions gratefully received

28-12-2002, 09:29 PM
Firstly, it is unlikely to be the "screen freezing", it will probably be the whole PC locking up.

If the webcam was causing the lock-up it points to incompatable equipment / drivers. Not necesarily just the Webcam drivers, it could be other drivers (sound/video/modem/etc).

What operating system?
Have you updated the drivers (one could be corrupted)
How long since a fresh install was done?
or a defrag?
or check for adware or spyware?
what antivirus are you running (and does it lockup with antivirus software disabled?)

28-12-2002, 09:43 PM
reformat done a couple of wks ago so those defrag spyware etc is not part of the problem and yes it is the whole system locking up
the os is xp and i have downloaded new drivers and patches and service packs that are available from both microsoft, logitech and VIA which is the brand of usb controller that is in this laptop and which I found out through lengthy searches on the web have a problem with logitech usb cams
Yes it happens whether Norton antivirus is disabled or not and it happens with another brand of webcam as well as logitech. Since i installed more ram the system locks up now whether the cam is active or not. Prior to more ram installation it only locked up when the cam was active. The only other thing i can think of is the graphics card not being up to speed but i havent found out where to find the specs on the graphics card that is installed.

28-12-2002, 10:39 PM
The extra info will sure help.

XP has different requirements to it's predecessors as regards USB, and I find that Win 2000 drivers often wont work for it either.

Did the laptop come with XP installed as new, or was it upgraded?
I must admit its rare for XP to lock up, it usually lets a miscreant application die but recovers itself OK.

You have done a good job so far, its a tough call as to where to go next, but I would agree that concentating on graphics adapter drivers would be worthwhile. Perhaps if you advise the make and model of laptop someone could assist.

29-12-2002, 08:29 AM
The laptop came with xp home edition installed from new It is a compaq Presario 700 AP - can a graphics card be changed in this model/laptop I also have it set up as the host computer on a home network and last night the network cable was unplugged and i noticed it didnt lockup - is it possible that the network cable or associated functions could cause the lock up and if so where in that haystack do i look for the needle to fix the problem - thanks for your help :-)

29-12-2002, 12:05 PM
The graphics is not a "card" in a laptop, its built into the motherboard and usually cannot be changed. Laptops are not customisable, apart from memory and what you externally plug into them.

It appears that you may have found a reason with the network however. It could be a multitude of things, such as periodically trying to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server that doesnt exist to incorrect drivers for the network card, but one would normally expect a warning message, especially in XP.

What else is on the network? When you say its the host, are you using Internet Connection Sharing? Are the other PC(s) on when it locks up, or does it lockup even with them turned off?

29-12-2002, 07:00 PM
I have 2 pcs on the network one desktop win98 and this laptop - the laptop has the internet connection and the win 98 shares it
It happens whether or not the win 98 is on or off - although in saying this it locked up today with no network plugged in but it doesnt seem to be as often. Without the network cable plugged in at all it did manage to run the webcam for most of the afternoon - so that sets a record.
I can live with it locking up now and then just not every hour or less or every few minutes normally with the webcam on
So maybe at this stage the problem is solved sufficiently - thank you very much for your input - i will see how it goes without the network for a while. As i have the win98 in pieces at the moment its no hardship haha
all suggestions are appreciated as often it gets you thinking in a different direction
cheers :-)