28-12-2002, 01:28 PM
I have just added a second hard drive and although My Computer says it's there - when double clicked it's not there!!
The PC has a P133 chip and 96Mb RAM with Win 98 OS.
A little history. The first and primary drive is a small 1.6Gb and has just been formatted, fdisked and loaded with win98. This works well.
I decided to add a tiny 540Mb secondary drive as a data drive. I have autodetected it in the BIOS and set it to AUTO. (The primary drive is set to LBA). I have tried the second 540Mb drive set to LBA and NORMAL - but still I can't find it from windows.
I have tried auto detecting New Hardware from the Control Panel but it doesn't find it either.
The strange thing is that when I first installed the second drive - Windows did find it but then on subsequent boots it's lost it. What have I changed that Windows won't recognize it's there. Any ideas appreciated. Not a life threatening problem - just annoying...

28-12-2002, 02:00 PM
first port of call would be see if you can detect it in dos. If so then its obviously windows problem.
In this case goto device manager. Look for your new drive on there. Remove it and then restart your computer. Hopefully your computer will pick it up.
Also from within the bios you may have an option to reset DPMI (or something like that) do this, and see if it helps