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23-12-2002, 09:59 PM
Last week I posted the topic "Buy Laptop Dilemma", and received good advice. My wife wanted a laptop since university studies require a computer and my big desktop is just too unfriendly. Yep - it is a psychological sort of thing, and understandable: she has an aversion to computers and hardly knows how to turn one on; needs a smaller more friendly sort of computer. Anyway, I just thought you'd be curious and maybe amused about what happened.

Well, we tossed around buying a second hand laptop. Tradme.co.nz had one or two. We himmed and haa'ed, and she decided, to my great surprise, to get a new one! Great! I can use it too :^o, and it is faster, etc. than my 3 year old desktop.

So I used PC World magazine, natch, and rang around and surfed around. Finally found a great price (from Aquila Technologies in Lower Hutt) on a Compaq Presario 901 that was $750 lower than what Noel Lemmings hs it for - including another 128 DDR RAM added for 'free' and wait for it: a $50 voucher from Liquorland. :D Never knew that free booze came with a computer! BTW, mywife is using it for her business so gets GST off and IRD depreciation; this makes the price even lower.

It was shipped the next day from the depot in AKL and my wife has taken a quantum leap into the world of computing. Great screen and audio, easy to use, etc. Shopped around for Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (Version 15 for Win XP) and found it for $31.50 at the Warehouse. Wow - what a fantastic program. My wife (a very poor two finger typist) easily spends an hour with Mavis and she laughs at the encouragement.

In conclusion, I'd say laptops are the way to go, for anyone who is afraid or has an aversion to computers. Turn on the WinXP tour or do a slideshow (of your digital photos) or play a CD with the built in WinAmp... and they lose the fear.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you have similar happy computing stories at your place. :)

Mark Veldhuizen
23-12-2002, 10:06 PM
Yes I just got a laptop (two weeks ago) and am VERY pleased with it. I also got a very good deal, check out these specs and the price:


Pentium 4 1.7 ghz-m
256mb DDR2100 ram
20gb HDD
GeForce 2 go 200 32mb
15" LCD screen (VERY CRISP!)
24x CDRW
Very VERY stylish pure leather carry case
Loud clear speakers
Windows XP Home

All up, including delivery and gst, shipped from malaysia:
$3,598 NZD

For the specs my laptop has (geforce, 15" lcd, 24x cdrw) u can expect to pay up to and including 5,000 nzd

This laptop plays all latest games, from Unreal Tourney to GTAIII to JK:JO SUPERBLY with fps of 50-80 on 1024x768! LUVIN IT!!!

What r ur specs and what was final price, im interested

24-12-2002, 08:18 AM
Hello Mark, The total price came to $2,495 inc GST. Specs are very similar to the one you have: 15in screen, Athlon XP 1300 (1.5GHz), 256 DDR RAM, carry case... and that $50 booze voucher. Noel Leemings has the Persario 901AP for $3100....! Sure pays to shop around.

Cheers and happy shopping (I still have some to do for Xmas). - Steve