View Full Version : HELP!! G'dads being hung at dawn

22-12-2002, 04:23 PM
Being the good grand paw that i am I have downloaded games from both cd roms and off the net.

Murderous thoughts comes to Elly May and Big Julius when everytime they try to play a game they get ERROR SETTUP.EXE missing.

Where do I find settup.exe or is it a hopeless case?

If it is yŠll welcome to a hanging....bring your own drinks

22-12-2002, 04:35 PM

I wouldn't reccomend copying CD's to the HardDrive as you can find that sometimes the games will still look to the CDRom Drive for the CD even if you installed it off the HardDrive (confused yet ?:| ) - it's a bit more safer to copy the CD instead

As for downloading games off the net, the same thing can apply (unless you "edit" the files so they don't look for setup.exe) if you know what I mean. There are [supposedly] sites out there that offer "cracks and keygens for games" take a looksie for something like "warcraft 3 crack" if the game is Warcraft three

and as for the legal side of things: That was very very naughty downloading games off the internet... and you shouldn't do it... followed by all this legal jargon :D


Heather P
22-12-2002, 10:33 PM
First off, a lot of games are copyright rather than freeware. There a lot of things floating round the Net that "appear" to be in the public domain - but aren't. There are also trial versions of games and demos - may run for 30 days only or are missing some advanced features till you part with cash.

I shall assume you have some legal software but can't get it to run.

Often software that you download is compressed. Comes as one zip file that needs expanding by running it through Winzip. Another type of compression is when it is all compressed into one .exe file. When you run it it expands out into a number of files.

So... you get a zip file that you save to some useful folder (mine is called "zips").
You run it and it offers to save the files to disk.
You make a folder for the game - sometimes it suggests a folder.
You then go to that folder and find a file (often called setup.exe) and run it. This loads the game onto your machine.

After that, how you run the game depends on the game. It might create an icon or you get to it through Windows Explorer, or through the Run command.

Lots of programs thus have a file called setup.exe - it's a case of looking for it in the folder the game is in.