View Full Version : Tweak UI for Win 98 and Kernel 32.dll crashes

24-10-1999, 05:19 PM
I recently formatted the hard drive on my computer and reinstalled Win98. When I reinstalled the Tweak UI for Win 98 the usual monitor icon that appears in the system tray did not appear. It is
otherwise working okay but I would obviously like to have the monitor present so I can adjust display sttings.

Any ideas as to why not?

Also - periodically I get a Kernel 32.dll crash. I can't pinpoint exactly
when it happens but it seems to be mainly when I have IE5 open. The computer normally works fine after a restart apart from the odd time that the system hangs and won't shut down after this.
I heard that the early versions of Win 98 (which I have) had dodgy Kernel 32
files. I have Win 98 year Service Pack and year 2000 updates installed.

No other problems are obvious and this one only occurs very occasionally.

I have a Pentium 133, Win 98, 48MB RAM, 4.3 GB and 1.2Gb H/Drives. I have the latest drivers installed as far as I know, including Direct X 7.

Any comments would be appreciated.


Darryl Lennane