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18-12-2002, 10:17 AM
I want to import my Outlook Express .pab files to MS Outlook (I have exported the .pab files from OE no problem). When I try to import these files into MS Outlook, the following error comes up: 'MS Outlook cannot start the import/export engine. MS Outlook cannot install the necessary files due to Windows installer error 1635.' However, when I run the Win installer program Version 2.0.2600.2, it says there are incorrect command line parameters, even though the service is apparently running and all other Windows updates, etc seem to install OK.

The MS knowledge base doesn't appear to offer any solutions to this problem. I am using Win 98SE, OE/IE 6, and Outlook 2000. What can I do?

19-12-2002, 06:07 AM

This doesn't look good. I think you should be considering the latest service packs to Office 2000 to see if that helps.

If that doesn't work you are staring down the barrel of removal and reinstallation of Office.

This sort of thing can be really annoying. Especially if it is the only problem and you only need to run it as a one-off. You could try to get someone else to import it for you.

I would try exporting as CSV, then import into outlook under the "import from another program or file" and see if that works.


19-12-2002, 10:29 AM
Thanks, Robo.

According to the MS updater, all updates & packs are installed. I did try a .csv export from OE & that was fine, but Outlook won't import it using the option you mention - the same error message comes up.

I would have thought you could browse the original Office 2000 CD and re-install just Outlook, but I had a look this morning and that doesn't seem possible. It will be a pain reinstalling all of Office & then going thru all the fixes and customization rigmarole again. Oh well!


19-12-2002, 03:39 PM
Robo, I tried to reinstall Office 2000 but this time a dialogue box comes up for Windows Installer that says that this patch could not be opened. Presumably the Office 2000 installer on the CD is trying to run the earlier versions of MS Installer on the CD but can't because the new Version 2 MS Installer is successfully on my system now.

This is rock & hard place stuff because now I'm too scared to uninstall Office 2000 SR-1a in case I can't reinstall anything!


PS: if I run the Detect & Repair part of Outlook 2000 I get the same install error message as above, so it looks like an MS install program flaw there as well.

23-12-2002, 09:55 AM
Robo, I decided to back up my templates and try an uninstall of Office 2000 SR-1, but I can't! The same installer problem above won't allow me to uninstall because it is an invalid install patch. What next?


Alan Cottrell
23-12-2002, 12:27 PM
Hi Delfin,

If your importing Address book files from OE, the file will be a .WAB file, PAB is only used by Outlook, there is no direct way that you can import the Address book from OE to Outlook (thus the error message)
However there is an easy way round this MS shortcoming.

Explained as follows courtesy of OKinfoweb,

Exporting To and Importing From Outlook Contacts Many users who want to migrate from WAB to Outlook Contacts or from Outlook Contacts to the WAB are disappointed to find that no such import or export option exists under File | Import | Address Book. Although no such option appears explicitly, an import/export option clearly exists. In either direction, the "bridge" is the comma separated value (CSV) file format. To import Contacts from Outlook to the WAB, first export Contacts into a CSV file and then import that CSV file into the OE WAB. Similarly, to export your WAB to Outlook Contacts, export your WAB to a CSV file and then import that CSV file into Outlook Contacts.


Alan Cottrell
23-12-2002, 12:37 PM

Oops' sorry just read further up, to see you have already tried importing a CSV file.

The reason you can't do it, is the import/export engine is not installed, all you need to do, is insert your office CD, click on add remove features, click on Outlook, click on the drop down menu and finally tick import/exporters follow the prompts and you will then be able to import the CSV file with no problems.


23-12-2002, 04:13 PM
Thank you Alan, but my Office 2000 CD does not have anything called 'add/remove features' on it that I can see, and the Office setup program still doesn't work because the Win installer program is not being recognised.


23-12-2002, 09:38 PM

not a fix, but similar to what we are seeing on a few customer sites, problems with Microsoft Installer version 2.x.

and to make things even better I don't think you can uninstall it!

you could maybe try installing the earlier verion over the top, but that would be a very messy solution.

24-12-2002, 09:40 AM
To uninstall msi you are meant to delete msi.dll, msiexec.exe, and msihnd.dll from the Windows System folder. Unfortunately, Windows will not allow you to delete msi.dll from either Windows or a command prompt. I have managed to install msi 1 exec and hnd 1 but msi.dll remains stuck on 2. You can't overwrite it with an earlier version (I downloaded one from the Net and tried it) and that seems to be the problem.

25-12-2002, 07:31 PM
Success! and hopefully some help for others with the same problem. Sequence: delete msiexec.exe & msihnd.dll using Explorer, and msi.dll using ms-dos command. Install ms installer 1 using msinst on Ofiice 2000 CD. Run installer cleanup utility shown at KB 295823 & remove Office 2000 SR-1. Reinstall Office 2000 & SR-1 from their CDs (no problems). Run Outlook 2000 import/export engine (it was not installed but will now do so on request). Import from OE6 address book file using 'import from mail & addresses' function into Outlook contact folder. Check Outlook address book - voila!

Many thanks for your clues. Now for all the security upgrades ....!