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pro. vision
16-12-2002, 10:42 PM
How do I 'add-on' New Zealand (or any) scenery to FS2000? I have got a file to add and can get as far as creating folders in the scenery directory as follows:

Added folder 'NZONE'
Created sub folders Scenery and Texture
Clicked 'add area' in the scenery library
Clicked on NZONE folder
Don't know what to do after this as it doesn't show up in the scenery library.
If I try again it says that the file path already exists but I dont know how to get it going. Do I add the folder to the generic scenery directory or to the scenery folder itself?

17-12-2002, 08:39 AM

I just searched my computer for the NZONE folder and nothing came up, but I have all the FS2000 Prof. Maps installed.

If you continue having problems you could try an uninstall, delete the programs folder and reinstall it with all the maps you want?

The only drawback is that the program takes a while to reinstall and configure on the first time it's used/re-used. Not too sure about the time it takes to uninstall though - haven't done that yet


pro. vision
17-12-2002, 01:25 PM
Thanks for your reply.

The file is actually NZFS150, the enhanced NZ scenery from the geographix/Massey web site. I just used the name NZONE as an example as I didn't know that the geographix add-ons seem to be quite well known by NZ Simmers.

17-12-2002, 05:52 PM
Hi there

Don't know if this will help, as I'm using FS2k2. But if the way you add scenery is the same, here’s how its done.

1. (this bit I, a bit rusty on) If not already part of the download, create a folder in the ADDON SCENERY file called NZ150 or if you extract it from a zip file, just extract it straight it the ADDON SCENERY folder.

2. You should now have ADDON SCENERY\NZ150\Scenery\NZ150.bgl. if you dont have a folder called NZ150, create one and move the downloaded scenery folder into it. If you get this wrong, it could create problems when you try to load it in step 3.

3. Go into flight sim and go settings / scenery library and add the scenery by following the steps.

4. NZ150 should appear on the list of all the sceneries. Make sure it has a cross in the check box and move it down the list until it is as low as you can get it but ABOVE the default scenery.

5. Select OK and the scenery database should update.

If this is wrong for FS2k, go to one of the sim sights (avsim.com or kiwifly.org to name but two) and search the forums there or post the question.

Hope this has been of help,


17-12-2002, 05:58 PM
Ooops that should be ADDON SCENERY folder in step one. The folder should already exist as part of FS.