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15-12-2002, 08:25 PM
i am, trying to network my os(windows2000) to my brothers os(windowsMe) but they arnt compatable or something like that

anyone now how to do it

G00ooo Microsoft make it hard for me:(


15-12-2002, 10:38 PM
Installing a basic peer to peer network is the same for almost any OS:

1.Install your cabling and hubs.

2.Install your network interface card (NIC). Restart your PC and connect the NIC to the cabling - does the light show on the hub for each connection (assuming you are using a hub and UTP)? Install the NIC drivers for your operating system (OS). Ideally you should download the latest drivers from the manufacturer's web site.

3.Decide on the network protocol that you will use to communicate - TCP/IP, SPX/IPX, NetBEUI (Windows only). If you have more than one interface (i.e. two NICs or a NIC and a modem (dial-up adapter), then you need to make sure that the correct protocol is bound to the device).

4.Install and configure any tools that may be needed for sharing of resources (e.g. File and Printer Sharing for MS networks or NFS (Network File System) for UNIX or Linux networks. SAMBA for combined Windows/UNIX or Linux networks.

5.Share the resources at each PC as required.

For Windows make sure your workgroup is the same on each PC. If you are using TCP/IP remember to use the good old ping test. If you are not using a hub, make sure that you have a crossover cable or adaptor.

16-12-2002, 11:04 AM
Could be because your 2000 computer is in the NTFS file system. Is it? Because Windows 95/98/98SE/ME won't read this.

If the Windows 2000 computer hard drive is in the NTFS file system, you'll either have to convert it to FAT32 (much less secure), or upgrade Windows ME to either version of XP, which support the NTFS file system.

16-12-2002, 11:15 AM
Either do what agent said or partition the drive on your 2k machine and use the 2nd partition as a Fat filesystem so you have a shared access from Me and 2k to it...

However if you only want the network for gaming and internet sharing then don't worry about it :D


16-12-2002, 11:48 AM
>Could be because your 2000 computer is in the NTFS file system. Is it? Because Windows 95/98/98SE/ME won't read this.

The file system has nothing to do with networking and the ability for different OSs to share files. here at work we have Win95, Win98, WinNT, Win2K and WinXP all coexisting happily with different file systems. Even if we had linux and OSX there's me no probelm with file systems.

Check our PressF1 FAQ 42 for help with setting up a network. FAQs are available from the top right corner of this page.

16-12-2002, 11:55 AM
W2K and Me shud be able to network (as I'm typing this on my WinME laptop, its transfering files to my new Win2K laptop). I'm using a hub of course.

What you need to do is make sure both PC's have NIC (network interface card), have the correct protocols bind (in my case TCP/IP) and using correct IP address.

The easiest to network would be to use a HUB. An alternative would be to use a crossover UTP cable (which I have never done before) for PC to PC connection.

If your connection is correct, you should be able to PING each other. After that its the directory security you need to overcome.

16-12-2002, 02:08 PM
True, while Win 2000 and Win ME should be able to network fine, if you share a folder on the 2000 computer that is residing on a drive with the NTFS format, the ME computer won't be able to see that share because it cannot read the files on it. I know this because I have a Win2000 computer on which there are FAT32 partitions so that computers running 98 could see the files in it. Unless I am mistaken, this is all true.

On your network, are you sure there isn't some failsafe device that allows all the computers to read each others file systems, or that reading is done through the server or a hardware device?

16-12-2002, 02:11 PM
> Unless I am mistaken, this is all true.

You are, and it isn't

The networking layer of software does the data translation.

16-12-2002, 02:15 PM
Sorry, my NT and W2K servers are all NTFS. My W2Kpro laptop is NTFS. My WinME laptop is FAT32. I can transfer files w/out any problems. All security is handled by either a) the domain controller, or b) my local PC file security.

16-12-2002, 02:18 PM
Just make sure that on the Win2K PC, you have the User that's logged into the ME PC added as a 2K user (If that makes sense - it does to me..)

Right click on My Computer on the 2K PC and select Manage
Select Local Users and groups
Select Users
Right click somewhere and select New User

This will allow you to create a new user under the same login name that is used on the ME PC, so that the ME PC can see the 2K PC's shares!

Hope it all goes well


16-12-2002, 02:23 PM
Crappy home networks...

16-12-2002, 02:25 PM
> Crappy home networks...

Actually, Mine runs quite well, no troubles recently. I guess if you set it up right the first time, there'll be nothing but smooth sailing (In theory, it never works out for most), but by posting here, Adam_Green was making sure he did it right :D

16-12-2002, 08:28 PM