View Full Version : Modem Connection Speed reduction

20-10-1999, 11:41 PM
Life in the slow lane.

Up until about 2 days ago I could connect to XTRA at speeds within the range of 44000 to 48000bps. Then I downloaded Netsonic 2.5 (trial version) & Internet Turbo 99 4.3 from download.com. I installed Netsonic (I was using the previous version) and Internet Turbo and used the automatic configuration setting on Internet Turbo that edited the registry files.

Problem? Yes. Now the only speed I can connect at is 31200bps no matter on what time of day, or what I set the MTU & RWIN to. I have uninstalled both and gone throught Juha's article for faster internet connection but this speed is constant. Is there any other settings, registry or otherwise that I am forgetting to reset? Has anyone else had a problem with either of these programs?

I'm running Win98 on a PIII 450 with I.E. 5.0 & 96meg of RAM. My modem is a V.90 56k winmodem and I'm connected to XTRA.

Any ideas?