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04-09-1998, 11:02 AM
I should have asked the supplier of my machine to set up 2 partitions on the disk on my new machine. But I forgot.
I would like to have about 4GB shared on my Win98 network, and about 2Gb non-shared. I have so far used only about 1.5GB of the total.
Can I use FDisk now to create a new partition, or will this destroy everything and require a complete re-intsallation?

If the answer to the above is Yes, I can create a new partition, then what drive letter should I allocate? I currently have a: c: d:(CD-ROM) and e:(Zip drive).

I have once before experienced the hassles that occur when the CD-ROM moves from d: to e: and no CD-ROM applications will run. I certainly don't want to have to go through that again. I am sure I have read a solution to this problem some time ago
in PC-World, but I can't remember when and I can't find it in my back issues.

All help, hints, ideas will be gratefully received.

Pat Menzies

27-01-2006, 05:31 AM
I think - in this situation besser to use Acroniks. U can find this programm in Google.

27-01-2006, 06:12 AM
I am just stunned by a "new" machine having a 6GB hard drive. I put one movie on mine and it takes more space than that. What can you do with 6GB, and partitioned on top of that? I'm running two 200GB drives and am thinking about putting another 400GB in on top of that. Anyway, Acronis and Partition Magic are both good programs for what you are wanting to do. No, you can't use f-disk now without losing everything you have. You need a third party program to do it for you.

27-01-2006, 06:36 AM
The original post was in 1998. Welcome to pressF1

27-01-2006, 08:08 AM
lol. I wonder if the origional poster will see the advice? I think I'll hijack this thread to ask about partitioning my 250gig drive.

I'm wanting to install both linux and windows on the drive, so i decided to make the partitions first using partition magic (windows version - I don't have a floppy drive so the boot floppy is no good for me) but it won't let me partition it like I want it.

I want to create a 500mb (is that big enough/too big?) /boot primary partition, a 40 gig windows primary partition, a 20 gig / (linux) primary partition and an extended partition that takes up the rest of the drive with logical drives for everything else I want.

I can create the first 2 partitions then fill up the rest of the drive with an extended partition, but if I create the 3 primary partitions, it will only let me create the 4th partition as a primary partition, not extended.

Does the linux swap space have to be a primary partition, or can it be a logical drive?

27-01-2006, 10:08 AM
You are going about it the wrong way.

Create your Windows and any data partitions first and leave the rest unpartitioned, ie blank, for Linux. Install Windows then install Linux and let Linux find the unallocated partition space during the install. You can then either let Linux allocate the partition sizes it requires automatically or you can instruct it how you want it.

Personally, I would never install Windows and Linux on the same hard drive again unless I was prepared for a complete reinstall of everything when things went belly up.

27-01-2006, 02:36 PM
Well if your planning on dual booting Linux and 2000/XP on the same computer with Windows already installed... there is a safer way of installing it...


27-01-2006, 11:16 PM
If you're looking for a solution to do what you want, you may want to try Acronis Disk Director Suite http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/diskdirector/ it performs all the partitioning operations needed and it's Boot Manager does a wonderfull job of controling several OSs booting process on the PC.