View Full Version : Why is data usage costs so expensive via isps

25-11-2002, 04:05 PM
Why is it that its so expensive to try and get a decent internet connection capable of hosting a 15 or so gig per month website?

I live in central hamilton, I use adsl on our home network via our linux box.

It seems silly to me that even though I have the skills required (thanks to my job) to run the server from my own home, its far more expensive to try and run my own website from my own server than to pay someone else to host it for me.

Im wondering why is data usage just so expensive? when for $22.00 + gst a month I can get 20 gigs data usage, MySQL access, and a 100megs space thats without really looking around for a cheaper deal from a new zealand hosting provider.

Infact I cant seem to do it for $220 a month from home.

Has anyone else had much experience with running a website which uses a fair amount of data from home? what has been the most cost effective method for you?

Graham L
25-11-2002, 04:17 PM
It's expensive because you will be using more (expensive) resources. A hosting service will always cost less. The ISP is set up on the basis that its subscribers are not web servers; they are web clients, and the interface on the subscriber side could easily be overloaded if there was a trend towards web serving. So the charging will deter it.