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23-11-2002, 12:17 AM
Hi Linux People,
I downloaded Opera 6.10 from the Opera site, cause I like Opera.
I'm finding it a little strange running Konqueror, so I thought I'll download Opera, when I double click on the file I'm fronted with kpackage, hightlight oprea file and click on ?Install Marked? and asked for root password, ok. I type that and there I end. What to do next. Nothinng seems ta be happening.

Please I'm a point and click kinda guy so please nothing baffling.

Cheers einstein ;-)

23-11-2002, 01:11 AM
There should be an install button......
*Goes to look at linux box....

23-11-2002, 01:56 AM
Hmm... I cant seem to find Kpackage on my latest RedHat install (8.0) install. Will have a look at an older buld in the morning (it was there in Redhat 7.3).........

What distribution/version are you running??

The latest RedHat/Mandrake/Knoppix has Mozilla 1.0.1 (an open source version of netscape navagator), which is a lot nicer than Konqueror for web browsing.........


23-11-2002, 10:24 AM
I am not sure what I did to opera in Linux, but it definitely looks sick,

On the other hand I think Mozilla 1.1 in Linux is great, and Mozilla loads just as quick as Opera. Version 1.0 does not seem to log on to E-mail, But going to version 1.1 even the old :-) shows up on Mozilla E-mail yellow faces the right way up, so far I found the following work in Mozilla E-mail,
:-) ;-) :-( and another one :-D

The only problems I have found so far;
(1) You have increase the minimum font size on the browser,
(2) When you install, flash & Java and update the Mozilla version 1.0 to 1.1 you have to reinstall flash & Java ...
(3) You have to install a spell checker for the E-mail program,
(4) When you are on Internet, and then go off line, then go back on, you have to shut down Mozilla and re-open it again,

Apart from that, I have not seen any "blue" screens yet. and that is why I went that way.

23-11-2002, 11:50 AM
merlin-nz it would be really helpful to know what distribution (RedHat, Mandrake etc) you are running and what version of that distribution, as they are all slightly different...

Personally though it would probably be easier to get the latest version of what ever you are running, (and use the pre-installed Mozilla); RedHat 8 has a really nice/slick XP style interface :drool:, and at $25 delivered its hardly going to break the bank...



Graham L
23-11-2002, 02:46 PM
I get baffled by this "point and click" stuff. :D I'm guessing that you have Mandrake or RedHat. Write down the name of the downloaded file, and the directory it is in. It's probably in your "user" home directory.

Try opening a terminal window. "cd". That should get you to your home directory. "ls" will confirm that the downloaded file is there. (if the file isn't there, "cd" to the directory where it is). Do "su", and give the root password. Then "rpm -ivvh ./opera*.rpm". (I am assuming that the first part of the file name is "opera", so you can wildcard it with the "*". (No spaces between the "*" and the ".rpm".)

Easy, isn't it?

23-11-2002, 02:50 PM
*Starts preaching for Phoenix (Still in Beta) available for download from http://komodo.mozilla.org/pub/phoenix/nightly/latest-trunk/ in Linux and Win32*

23-11-2002, 03:34 PM
>>>> RedHat 8 has a really nice/slick XP style interface :drool:, and at $25 delivered its hardly going to break the bank...

Now what was that site again?:|

Oh there it is:)
linux-shop.co.nz (http://www.linux-shop.co.nz/):D

23-11-2002, 04:35 PM
> *Starts preaching for Phoenix (Still in Beta)
> available for download from
> http://komodo.mozilla.org/pub/phoenix/nightly/latest-t
> unk/ in Linux and Win32*

Version 0.4 and you like it already, I got it to go to the Mozilla site, at first I thought I had opened Kword, I Think I will stick with Mozilla, it had a head start doing the Netscape series,

As for my comments ealier about closing do Mozilla and re-loading after going off Internet and back on, it appears that it has worked OK a couple of times since I made that post, not too sure what I did wrong,

23-11-2002, 08:41 PM
Sorry guys, Mandrake 9.0. :8}

E.ric: will have a look at Mozilla.

Graham L: Terminal windows baffle me, they remind me so much of Dos and I remember how scary that was.
All this talk of "cd su rpm -ivvh " oh hell (goes of mumbling about another spell).
Jeez have to do some more reading and experiment some more.
No graham it aint easy.

Iam trying to get this thing up and running I can aleast log onto the net now and the printer is printing. Can even play my rock n roll cds.
That only leaves the scanner and cd writer. No drivers out there for hp scanjet 3300c, but still have winblows for that.

cheers for the info merlin-nz ;-)

24-11-2002, 03:12 AM
> >>>> RedHat 8 has a really nice/slick XP style
> interface :drool:, and at $25 delivered its hardly
> going to break the bank...
> Now what was that site again?:|
> Oh there it is:)
> linux-shop.co.nz:D

Sorry I couldn't post anything yesterday, been helping my 76 year old Gran with her winblows XP PC (recent birthday prezee)....

Thanks for posting the link raddersnz, I didn't want to as it would look like I was just trying to make a sale, but seeing as u did it looks ok, (and no I dint put him up to it, honest). Plus all proceeds from the site buy me beer ]-).... oops... um... I mean.... Help pay for chatf1's bandwidth,:D (well it does in a round-about way, and yes I have gone through several GB's this month).

Speaking of chatf1, does anyone know whether orcon or any other free NZ based host offers php support ?:| (I only need PHP, not SQL), as I am working on a experimental NZ based mirror which should hopefully reduce lag/loading times over the current USA based setup.



BTW Can a mod please add "NZ" to the spell check, its current suggested replacement is "NAZI" :O

24-11-2002, 06:21 AM
here is something I am slowly putting together,
it is at http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/erichard/linux.html
I have not finished with it yet, and it looks better on a table.



First network card.

a:, b:,,
fdØ, fd1,,
Floppy drive. First, Second,, drives.

c:, d:,,
hda, hdb,,
IDE hard drive. First, Second,, drives.

c:, e:,,
hda1, hda2,,
IDE hard drive. First, Second,, partitions in first hard drive.

LPT 1 to LPT 3,,
lpØ to lp2,,
Parallel ports

PS/2 mouse.

sda, sdb,,
SCSI hard drive. First, Second,, drives.

sda1, sda2,,
SCSI hard drive. First, Second,, partitions in first hard drive.

COM 1 to COM 4,,
ttySØ to ttyS3,,
Serial communications ports.


Text commands.

cd ..
Goes back one directory.

cd /
Goes to root directory.

cd /xyz
Goes to "xyz" directory.

Copies a file.

type [filename]|more
less [filename]
Screen display a document file.

List contents of the directory.

ls -l
List contents of the directory in detail.

md or mkdir
Makes a new directory.

Move a file to new name.

Deletes a file.

(Graphical and text)
"Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Delete"
shutdown -r now

shutdown -h now

Command-line options.e.g. ls --help


More Information.

Windows NT, NTFS
iso9660 (CDROM)
File system.

List jobs in the print queue.

lprm [job number]
Remove job from printer queue.

lprm -a or lprm
Remove all jobs from printer queue.

Log-on as Super User or root user, then enter password.

[ ] &>screen.txt
writes any screen message to a text file called screen.

[ ] 2>screen.txt
writes any screen message to a text file called screen.



rpm -ivh [*.rpm FILE]
Install a new program.

rpm -Uvh [*.rpm FILE]
Upgrade a program.

tar -zxvf [*.tar.gz FILE]
Unzip a file.

tar xvfj [*.bz2.* FILE]
Unzip a bz2 file.(The j will handle the bz2 part)


To put a Icon on KDE desktop to read windows partitions.
The following works for Red Hat.

step 1
Edit /etc/fstab file, put in
dev/hda1 mnt/C:drive vfat noauto,user 0 0 if you save fstab file now a icon called C:drive will appear on the desk top

step 2
Make folders in /mnt folder such as /mnt/C:drive

step 3
To put more Icons from other partitions on desktop, if you have extended partitions you will have to get the D: drive hda# off the partition table as given in step 4, it might be for example hda5

repeat step 1 and step 2 changing C:drive to D:drive or what ever.

step 4
To get partition table log on as root and type in
fdisk -l /dev/hda

The following works for Mandrake.
Right-click on the desktop, => Select "Create New" => Select "Hard Disc.. ",
Select "General" (tab), => Enter "C Drive",
Select "Device" (tab), => Click "Device", => Select "/dev/hda1(/windows/c)".

Similar programs.
(Dial up) kinternet, kppp, wvdial.