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bk T
22-11-2002, 03:36 PM
My Panasonic KX-P6500 Laser printer is giving me problem. When printing, it is OK for the first few pages but after that the printout gets dirty.

A friend of mine who has some printer knowledge told me that it may be due to cartridge's wiping blade is wearing out and needs replacement. I rang up a couple of companies but none of them sells the blade only. I can however, buy a complete processing unit which is going to cost me around $370.00! The printer costs about $800 when new, 6 years ago.

My printer is about 6 years old and I do not think it is wise to replace the complete processing unit. Any one knows where can I get a replacement for only the wiping blade?


Graham L
22-11-2002, 03:44 PM
I suppose you haven't printed many pages in 6 years. By "processing unit" do you mean a drum/toner combined cartridge? That would normally do something like 4500 pages.

You might be able to get the cleaning "stick" from one of the cartridge refilling companies. They would provide then with the cartridges.

22-11-2002, 04:23 PM
Had one of those, same thing happened after only about 7,000 copies.

It needs a new drum unit. They are expensive. I got rid of mine, and bought a Brother HL-1040.

It did the same after about 4,000 copies. Those drums are about the same price.

Never again, bought an HP Laserjet, and every toner unit has a new drum with it. Toners are dearer, but its a "new printer" everytime now, done 10's of thousands of copies.

A toner unit for the HP is about $150, and I get about 7,500 copies. A toner unit for the Brother was $55, for 2,500 copies. Same price per copy but a new drum included.

The Panasonic was a nice printer, apart from the drum cost.

bk T
22-11-2002, 04:35 PM
Thanks guys

How much do you reckon I can sell it for?

Billy T
22-11-2002, 05:03 PM
Sorry bk

Six years old, $370 to repair, 2-3 pages without smear?

You'd be lucky to give it away unless you found somebody who wants it for parts.

Advertise it in T & E or a computer auction and you might get lucky but you'll have to be honest about the problem.


Billy 8-{)

Graham L
22-11-2002, 05:18 PM
I'm not sure that the drum is dead. The usual symptom of that is that all pages are bad. :D

I wonder if it's the fuser which needs attention. Have a look at the "pull out" components ... those with a felt wiper are the ones to check. You may be able to clean the cleaning wipers.

The prices of secondhand laser (and LED) printers are not high.

I have bought "perfectly working" ones for $15, $30 recently. I bought a Brother 1260 (which needs a $315 drum to give perfect print, but still produces readable prints) for $2. These are auction prices.

bk T
22-11-2002, 08:25 PM
Graham L, I don't think that the drum is dead. The most likely culprit is the wiper blade. I have no idea at all how to clean the wiper blade.

Is there any DIY service literature on the Internet where I can fish something out?


22-11-2002, 08:35 PM
Those drum units are sealed for life. I never found a way in short of a saw.

22-11-2002, 08:51 PM
Subject: Panasonic KXP6100/6500
On the 6100/6500 is a reduction gear used for the paper feed. This will happen when someone gets a paper jam or tries to add paper during a print job. The gear teeth will break. The printer will seem to feed OK, but you will SOMETIMES hear a popping sound and see a dark band across the page with some of the print smeared. This will normally happen just as the page is being feed into the printer, within the first 1 - 2 inches and then be OK for the rest of the page. Itís the large gear at the bottom of the gear unit next to the motor.
Popping sound from the fuser: It seems that the fuser tightens up over time and the gear have a hard time moving the rollers. You only hear the sound when the printer is warming up. When you check the printer you can't find any trouble with the gears. Remove the gear unit and fuser unit. Oil all the gears and clean and oil the fuser unit. Reassemble the printer and make sure that the gears mesh tightly. Also, if the person is printing a lot of fills, the toner in the drum unit will clump above the drum and cause a grinding sound.
The KXP6500 drum unit will work in the 6100, the 6100 unit will not work in the 6500: it's missing the toner sensor and you will get an out of toner error.

Dark streak on the printouts: Toner clumping in the drum unit. Tap (rather hard taps) the drum unit to loosen the toner, you may even see toner falling out around the top of the drum unit. Another problem seems to be with heat causing this trouble, but only with the 6500. Set the power save mode to a short time to keep the fuser cooler. Our tech has also tried this; he installed an 2nd drum ground, which appeared to help a lot.

The above may help.

Drums are rated Maximum 15,000 copies, typical down to half that.

Toner good for about 2,000 copies. If you get 4 toners through it, you are likely to be seeing reduced quality as time goes on.

Try testing by printing a totally black page. On mine I could see the banding on the drum, in places it was barely grey and steadily got worse over time.

If you are not using it for business, it won't really matter though, flog it to death. A new drum unit gives you a new printer basically

bk T
22-11-2002, 11:25 PM
Thanks, Godfather for all the info