View Full Version : umm.. my links are down (XP)

Mr Bender
22-11-2002, 08:59 AM
I've been having problems trying to open links on the net or HTML documents. Some links open just fine but then others just change colour when I click them then nothing else. For example I have tried to open a HTML document I downloaded to update my modem driver. First of all I couldnt open the link on the internet site to get into to it, so I downloaded the driver on my work computer and saved it to disk. I then tried to open it at home and non of the links with in the driver download to other parts of the file will work, even though they do on my work computer, (on & off line).
I think its an association type hicup but Im dammed if I can see anything wrong. I've made sure IE6 is my default browser, and I've created a new account within XP and still have the same problem.
I've looked in the system information page on my computer and done an internet diagnostic, and I see two files are missing they are:
Does any one have any idea what they do, or any ideas to help me out with the link problem.
Any help would be much apprieciated before I pour the contents of my beer into the hard drive. Thanks