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21-11-2002, 04:34 PM
What is the IEEE1394 port refered to in the statement below

"ImageMixer enables you to capture both still pictures and movie scenes a digital video cameras connected to the IEEE1394 port of your computer. "

I have a digital camcorder (Digital tape type) and I want to save parts of tape to the computer. It came with software , Pixala Image maker, but I wondered if anyone could give me some advice.
The camers is USB compatible

Graham L
21-11-2002, 04:39 PM
Your camera does not have an IEEE1394 connection, so it won't do it. Your computer might not have one; if so you can't do it. :D

IEEE1394 is the "Firewire" interface. Macintoshes have it as standard, I think. ;-)

21-11-2002, 04:44 PM
Some digital video cameras have both USB and IEEE1394 (Firewaire) but you will need a firewire port on your PC to download video to it.

With only USB I think you can only get images from the camera.

21-11-2002, 04:56 PM
Belkin make a card which you can buy that gives you three 1394 ports and 2 x new USB ports when installed in your PC. Their code is F5U008-PC (NZRRP$200ish).

I always thought there was a simple 1394 - USB adapter... so I'm probably wrong there..