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21-11-2002, 03:36 PM
I made a request for help re ADSL ROuter and Netmeeting and got a lot of good feedback thanks Guys (and Gals) :-)

I purchased a DSE ADSL Router and here is my install history
3Pm Unpacked Router (read the quick install info)

uninstalled Internet connection sharing and set network card for obtain network address automatically.

Pluged my network cable into the Router.
Pluged the router into the ADSL Line.
Pluged the power connector and turned on.
after 20 secs ADSL connection was established and RXD light flashed intermittantly (good sign hacker or net activity) ;-)

Followed the instructions to connect to Ihug flashed the settings
Nothing :-( checked the router log file (all done on my browser) and saw that somthing wrong with logon name / password. Reset logon and password re flashed and connected to the net YAY!!

Browese worked Fine Email client worked fine averything worked fine!! ;-)

Attached other computers on my network to the router and tested All worked OK.

Switched off router and had dinner (now 5Pm)
After dinner switched router on and was met with a plethora of flashing lights then blank No adsl connection no network connection My router had gone to meet the big bitbucket in the sky ;-(

Today a quick trip into DSE and they happily exchanged my router thought of that bloke murphy and purchased a three year warranty.

Back home pluged it in crossed fingers turned it on and Volita Back online again.

The DSE router was a breeze to set up and DSE were very good about exchanging my router (no I don't work for them)

Has been runnig fine all day but had to fart around with Zonealarm to get the network between computers working ok

Good Buy for the money me thinks.

21-11-2002, 04:29 PM
Good feedback.

Just wondering why you would turn it off?

My Alcatel runs 24/7, even though the PCs are turned off. Things can get twisted if you power up without the router on, as its the DHCP server.

I note periodic traffic when PC's are off, seems like a heartbeat signal or similar?

My IP changed every couple of days, don't know when, as it never disconnects me.

I don't run ZA, as I rely on the NAT addressing of my router for inwards protection.

They certainly are easy to set up. All I did was set the name/log-on password and save the setup. I have had to go in since to embed the IP for my printer, it didn't seem to keep the identity of the print server, but entered it manually and its fine. I certainly would recommend them over an internal ADSL.

Have you tried turning off ZA, and doing a test on www.grc.com?

Graham L
21-11-2002, 04:35 PM
Isn't this how things ought to be? After all, this is the high technology which is going to make life simple for us.

So why are we surprised when something goes right? (Apart from the first unit being faulty ;-)).

21-11-2002, 06:22 PM
Just wondering why you would turn it off?

Simulated power cut ;-)

The router will run 24/7 now

I note periodic traffic when PC's are off, seems like a heartbeat signal or similar

Have you tried turning off ZA, and doing a test on www.grc.com?

no must do it

Having previously run a PCI ADSl I needed a firewall and Zonealarm has stopped more than 9000 what it calls serious hacker activity during the last three months!!

also zonealarm is handy as it informs you which of your running programs are trying to access the internet and gives you a choice to allow or disallow access

21-11-2002, 07:03 PM
ZA will certainly work on outgoing, but should not see anything incoming now, as I think that router uses NAT

Firewalls seem to turn nasty and deny me access to my printer at the most inappropriate times, so I don't use them these days.

Most of the ZA notifications are benign, but before the days of the router I logged attempts from the "College of Education, Taiwan" and similar...