View Full Version : Reinstall Win 98

12-10-1999, 05:20 PM
A computer novice acquantaince of mine has had a new whizz-bang PIII 450 for a few months with all sorts of goodies on it (MSOffice, Encarta, games, & etc). Unknown bugs have degraded the system to the point where Word, Encarta, Outlook and others no longer load. A support person installed a copy of Word 95 as a 'fix' for losing his Word 97! If this was a car, both the dealer and the carmaker would be in jail!
Scandisk claimed to have 'fixed all errors' but didn't.
I managed to get Encarta going by deleting the relevant files using DOS commands and reinstalling from CD.
I would now like to start from scratch and reinstall everything (he has both Win 98 disk (distributed with new machines) and 98SE upgrade disk plus all the other relevant ones). I have done this with Win 95 but not 98 - is there anything I have to look out for? Can I just reformat the hard drive and start from there? Or delete all files perhaps?
When deleting files - how do I get rid of an 'Access denied' file?
Any help gratefully received.