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20-11-2002, 11:35 PM
My Sister (or her kids) has enabled Content Advisor in the internet settings but they don't know the password to disable it. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to disable it or to find out the password. They are using W98 (I think).


Jim B
21-11-2002, 08:19 AM
I don't want to post the fix here as this will really defeat the purpose for those people who have intentionally enabled this feature.

The fix is not hard to find though if you do a Google search for "Remove content advisor password"

21-11-2002, 08:27 AM
Thanks I'll give it a go.
It's amazing how these things happen and yet "no one did anything" Yeah Right !


21-11-2002, 08:40 AM
U could always Email JACC the "fix" for this...
as u can still make the whole thing pointless thru google searches or anything else :-)

Jim B
21-11-2002, 08:58 AM
If anyone really wants to find out something like this they will do a search on the internet, I have no control over that.
I have not given out anything that is not already obvious to most users and search engines are used for this purpose extensively and everyone using the internet are aware of their capabilities.

21-11-2002, 10:19 AM
Fair comment.
I just didn't think to look on google. I immediately thought Press F1.