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19-11-2002, 03:48 PM
Evening all

I posted a message the other day about word docs that can't be opened by recipients due to an ´nvalid document path or filename"error and now I am having more problems with phtos being emailed.

Theproblem is that the recipients of the photos ca only see the top 3rd of the photos - the rest is gone. This is emailing either from OE, Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2002 to recipients using OE or Outlook 2000.

has anyone else struck this before? Stcock standard setup, no email server or anything like that. Have tried diabling cybersitter and also antivirus, have rnu adware program but no joy....

Graham L
19-11-2002, 04:05 PM
How big are the photo files? If you are not carefull, they can easily exceed allowable size of attachments. (They will also give your correspondents problems with mail storage allocation too).

19-11-2002, 04:08 PM
HI Graham

Jeez you must live here man! :)

Nah pics are sub 100k - and on Jetstream so they are downloading in seconds...
Others can see them but not smoe users...wierd as hell.

19-11-2002, 07:57 PM
Replying to myself here but hoping others may have seen this prob before.
I narrowed this down to Norton Antivirus 2002....this was at 5 to 5 so not much time to check other versions but upon disabling scanning of email, then resending the pics, I was able to get them full and proper.

Surely (!) this is/has happened to someone else?