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19-11-2002, 03:24 PM
I've got two computers running; one with Windows XP Professional, and is connected to the Internet using a D-Link DSL-200 modem, and the other computer running Windows 98SE. I want to have Internet Connection Sharing *and* be able to share files between the two computers.

The crossover cable is connected fine, the network cards have no trouble. Everything is configured fine (as far as I can tell). So here's what I've done (three times now)...

On the XP machine, the Internet is working and the other computer is on. I open up My Network Places, and click Set up a small or home network. I choose my modem, let it choose the settings automatically, and click Next a few times, and it starts doing its magic. Usually it'll end up going, An error occured, so I'll click on Set up a network again, and this time it will work. As soon as it finishes, a little two-computer icon appears next to the clock on the Win98 machine, saying Internet Gateway Connected. And the 'Net does work on it, but the two computers can't see each other, and yes they're both sharing files.

So then I'll put the XP CD in the 98 computer, and click Perform Additional Tasks, and do the Set up a network thing. Prompts to restart, it does, then before the desktop loads after restarting I'll choose that This computer connects through to another computer, blah blah, it does some magic, and it's sweet, ICS works *and* both computers can see each other. All good, right?

Except that when either computer restarts, they refuse to see each other (quite emotional, I know)...and this can be fixed by repeating the process all over again. X-(

Any suggestions to have it so that when either computer restarts, it's still working fine?

19-11-2002, 03:28 PM
Have you had a look through Craig's comprehensive Netoworking guide in the FAQ? There may be some help in there for you.

19-11-2002, 08:38 PM
The FAQ didn't help me much...but http://www.homenethelp.com did. It's all good now. :)

19-11-2002, 09:16 PM
One point to remember here is that one PC (probably the XP one but it could be the Win9x) needs to be the host and the other needs to be the client. The host always needs to be switched on first. Then the client can be given an IP address automatically. If the Client computer was on first then you'll need to reboot after you switch the host computer on.