View Full Version : WinLinux little problems

11-10-1999, 02:10 PM
Hi all. I just downloaded and Installed WinLinux 2000 and while it works fine as a whole, there are a few things that dont. 1: I cant seem to set up newsgroups in Netscape Communicator. It keeps saying news server not found. I'm with xtra in case you wanted to know. I managed to get the email working though. I nearly got to subscribing to newsgroups but whenever I try to do something, it just says news server not found. and 2: I cant play mp3's with the mp3 player X11amp. Just winamp in dicuise I think. I think the mp3 loads but it dosn't play. I managed to get 1 cd to play but after that I cant mount any audio cd's. Maybe that ha something to do with it? Anyway, any help would be apreciated.