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Erin Salmon
18-11-2002, 09:21 PM

I've got major booboos with my internet. It all started when I was trying out a set of dead network cards. In doing so, I installed the drivers, and some TCP/IP stuff, tested it, and replaced it with the next one. Shortly afterwards my internet stopped working. It connects ok, making all the usual noises, but no data goes through.

Here's where it gets interesting. I am able to ping IP address, but pinging domain names doesn't work. This pointed me to TCP/IP, as it controls host name resolution etc... However, reinstalling TCP/IP, along with everything else in the network settings under control panel achieved no result. Next, I removed dial-up networking, and reinstalled it. No joy.

Having been netless for a few days, I installed a network card to use Personal Web Server remotely. The PC with the internet problems was able to find the server via a TCP/IP LAN, but unable to view the websites it had to serve. It was however, able to view shared files and folders.

A second PC with normal internet, when connected to the server was able to see the website, and shared files and folders...


It's not the modem, because any TCP/IP Network has the same problem.

I am able to ping both intranet and internet IP addresses, but not domains (intranet or internet).

The problem is software based, as two types of hardware (modem and network cards) suffer the same issues.

This does sound to me as though all evidence points to a buggy set of TCP/IP controllers. However, I have re-installed it countless times. Is it possibly that I have dud drivers on my Windows CD?

My system runs Win98 SE, on a KT133 Athlon 1400 system. The server also runs Win98 SE with PWS. The system that works runs Win95, and I used IE5.5 to connect to the net and to my server.

The modem is a fairly cheap software one, (not sure of the chipset).

The network cards are a mixture; realtek in the Win95 system, IBM in the server, and Davicom in the faulty machine. The server and the faulty system have TCP/IP installed from the same CD...

Any ideas???



18-11-2002, 09:30 PM
Check that a static IP address has not been assigned to dialup networking

Erin Salmon
18-11-2002, 10:01 PM
Nope, nothing there...

I just had another yak with the tech guys at paradise.net (not always that sharp, but they put me through to a serious-tech). This guy reckoned I needed to re-apply winsock32.dll from my cab files. However, paradise refuse to run me through how to do this, on the grounds that "it is too involved"... I took this to mean that if they screw up, I might sue them.

So, would someone be so kind as to enlighten me as to how to extract winsock32.dll from my cab files... I promise there will be no legal action for failures.



18-11-2002, 10:09 PM
Have you removed all firewalls out of the picture, is anything loading at start up that shouldn't be/

Terry Porritt
18-11-2002, 10:19 PM
Have a look at this KB article about restoring a damaged wsock32.dll



18-11-2002, 11:02 PM
have you tried reinstalling the whole Os ie windows?

Sometimes it's the mother of all fixes...


Graham L
19-11-2002, 01:24 PM
It's in the DNS server assignment. If you can't see a DNS server, you can't resolve domain names. Is it set to use WINS only? or ....

Another thing which can foul you up is having a proxy server assigned. (That's different, I think ... it could reach xtra home page, but could not access anything else). I had trouble with that when I was conned into connecting a Windows system ... (after finding that the internal modem which was supposed to be a 14.4k one had the 5V pin of its ROM disconnected, so it ran at 9600. Which Xtra won't accept).

If you will use Windows ;-)

Erin Salmon
19-11-2002, 02:30 PM

I'm not to keen on re-installing the whole setup, but it might come to that...

No firewalls are installed, but Norton Antivirus is going, but says it is unable to start Email Protection. This has only been an issue since the internet problems arose, so I suspect they are linked. The Wsock32.dll extraction page mentions faulty Antivirus software as one of the symptoms.

However, re-installing Wsock32.dll did not fix the problem.

Can you explain this business with WINS and the DNS servers Graham?



Graham L
19-11-2002, 04:00 PM
I don't know Windows :D But it's in one of the tabbed pages to do with TCP/IP. There's a choice of WINS or DNS or maybe both. The WINS is a local server task which handles the local addresses to do with a MS Network. (I think). DNS is the real style of server which handles any IP addresses.

It's all very messy. Not like proper operating systems. ;-)

Wayne H
19-11-2002, 04:22 PM
A DNS Server resolves domain names to IP Adresses, the easiest one is to have your internet connection DNS pointing to your ISP- paradise info is Primary DNS rachel.paradise.net.nz
Secondary DNS kirsty.paradise.net.nz
example if you typed ping www.pcworld.co.nz you would see ip address of

WINS is used to identify a computer's host name on a network, for example typing \\server from the run command will open the shares on the computer named server
If you install DNS on your server then if you maintained a complete list of every website on the internet then you would not need to point to an outside one.

Your internet connection should have sever assigned DNS by default but it can still be benificial to use ISP.

Erin Salmon
19-11-2002, 06:07 PM
Thanks guys.

I tried both of those, and various options with forcing the DNS addresses. Nothing worked.

I've been without internet on my PC for a week, and have finally decided to reinstall Windows.

My first re-install (without formatting) didn't fix it, so I'm doing it again.

Also, is it possible (this is a question for you, Graham) to get MP3 file sharing software, such as WinMX for Linux? Where?

I'll probably be back soon with a complete list of software I need for linux, as I think this may be my last "run-in" with windows!

How about Unreal Tournament? I've tried getting it for linux before, but I couldn't figure out all the required rpm's for it. Does anyone know where I can get a complete package?



19-11-2002, 07:54 PM
There is a version of DC (Direct Connect) for Linux. There is also a few good NZ based hubs as well.

Also there is edonkey for linux.