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10-10-1999, 03:38 AM
I have a new machine (P111, 450, 128 ram with 13Gb hard drive) and I'm also a newcomer to this frustrating business of owning a PC.
I recently installed Norton Utilities 2000 onto my pc (I wouldn't have had I read PC World a few days later, page 59). My son uses the pc for his graphics stuff from polytech , Freehand and Photoshop are his most used programs. When I did a hard drive check it told me that it couldn't be done, something about the number of barrels and improper cofiguration?
My son said that things were running more slowly 9programs and internet) after installation of N2000, it changed the registry settings as altered by MTU.
I decided to uninstall N2000 and all went well until it came to removing Crashguard/Anti freeze and it spat the dummy and froze. After rebooting. Things seemed to run ok even with the partially de-installed Crashguard except that we couldn't scan anything and a few odd things. As my son needed the scanner for his assignments I re-installed N2000 and all went well until it tried to install Crashguard. It couldn't do it but the rest seems to be ok.
How do I fix this Crashguard / Antifreeze debris and install it (or get rid of it) properly?