View Full Version : Random disconnections... related to HDD access?

16-11-2002, 05:24 PM
Alright... I have a big problem. Several, to tell the truth.

It started a while ago, when I decided that C: needed a defrag. So I left it on, while connected to the internet through my 56k and downloading to D:.

I woke up in the morning, to find the defrag done, and D: gone... WTF? Restart - ah ha, my BIOS recognizes it. Back into windows - WTF? Its gone again! Restart again - same thing. So I turned off the thing, swapped some jumpers, and traded some IDE cables - it works! Replaced jumpers, and turned my IDE cable around so instead of the first plug going into C: and second plug going into D:, the first plug went into D: and the second plug went into C:.

Aah, all my games back. Great stuff. Connect to the net - curses, disconnected. Reconnect, fine. Then, I boot up Trillian - disconnected. Hrm... Finally get everything opened that I like, and everythings fine. Until I load something else and I get disconnected.

Plus, now it seems that when I load something, it causes my Winamp to go laggy. If its a big program winamp will simply pause.

Another thing - now, in games (all I think) about 50% of the time, when I load a level or a savegame or similar, the game runs smoothly then pauses every second or so for about 50ms then continues where it left off. This goes on for aobut 10 seconds then the game runs fine.

After reading Mac Dude's fabulous article on IDE/ATA cabling, I changed my configuration so now my computer is set up like this:

PRIMARY MASTER: 20GB C: (capable of UDMA 5, running in PIO mode)
SECONDARY MASTER: CD-ROM (not sure about capabilities, runnning in UDMA 2)
SECONDARY SLAVE: 40GB D: (capable of UDMA 2, running in UDMA 2)

All these problems started after I "fixed" my 40gb. The reason I suspect it is HDD related is because previously, and on my friends computer, and large CD-ROM => HDD access (maybe just CD-ROM access) eg. when I install a game causes me to disconnect.

I can't think of what else to do, save a format. I thought seperating D: and C: on IDE cables would fix it, but it seems not to have...

Can someone help?

16-11-2002, 07:15 PM
Firstly, just because you were saving to D: you cannot assume there will not be anything accessing C:

Caching etc will be occuring. Its not a good idea to defrag while the PC is actively using the disk. Best in safe mode.

Your C: drive should not be using PIO, it will be chronically slow I suspect.
With nothing on the primary slave, its a puzzle why it wont use UDMA.

You should try and force the drive to use UDMA, this will be the lag that you are seeing.

16-11-2002, 09:22 PM
ah, ok. well next time :P

how do i force UDMA? i've got "PIO Only" and "DMA if available" options. of course i've got the DMA selected.

btw, to get this i'm going device manager>IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers>primary IDE controller.

is there a way to turn it on on the HDD itself, instead of the IDE cable?