View Full Version : FAQ #34 - How to Partition using FDisk

15-11-2002, 11:52 AM
Firstly, In partitioning, you WILL LOSE ALL YOUR DATA, so perform a full backup before you read any further.

Now, you'll need a boot disk, so see the FAQ on how to make one.
Next, re-boot in DOS mode, using your newly created boot disk.

Once done, type:

This will load up FDisk.
It might warn you about large drive support, just press "y"
If your disk is using the NTFS File system, it'll give another warning, press y again.
If you had a second warning, you'll need to select "Delete Non-Dos partition".
Otherwise, we'll carry on.
Select "5" if you're partitioning a secondary disk, and choose your disk number that you want to partition, but usually this is just gonna be your primary drive.
We're now going to delete the existing information and then split the drive.

Select "3" - Delete Partition or Logical Drive
Select "1"
Slect the partition you want deleted
Press Eter
Now type the drive name eg. Delldisk1
Press "y"
Now Select 1 - Create DOS Partition or Logical DOS Drive
Select 1
It will verify Drive Integrity
Do you wish to use the maximum available size for Primary DOS Partition
Press "N"
It will verify Drive integrity
Type how big you want it to be, say, 3/4 usually for most purposes, but it's up to you.
It will say "Primary DOS Partition created, drive letters changed or added"
Press Esc
Press 1 for Create DOS partition or Logical DOS Drive
Press 2 for Extended Partition
It will verify Drive Integrity
It will come up with largest possible amount, press enter
Press Esc
Press Enter
Press Esc
You'll be in the main menu, you can the press Esc to Quit, and then don't forget to restart your PC, THEN FORMAT.
You will then need to go through and re-setup windows and restore your back-up.
Congratulations, You've got a partitioned HDD