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15-11-2002, 09:05 AM
I have lost Yarhoo
4 days ago I clicked the right button of my mouse while playing around and some how lost my favorite search engine Yarhoo. As that happened 3 other un requested ones jumped into the gap. Thought I have used the normal procedures, I can't get Yarhoo back as my home page.
Unigood.com (gnic.con) has imposed itself as the home page, every couple of minutes, Partnerns 18.firehunt.com, keeps popping up and asking me to install it as my home page and something called Superpages
keeps jumping in as I log out.
All this looks pretty covert to me as the files have been hidden on my hard disk so I can't remove any of them
I just want to get them all out of my face and get Yarhoo back.
I am fairly new to the internet but sure would appreciate some help.

Susan B
15-11-2002, 09:54 AM
Sounds like you've had your homepage hijacked. Have a look in the FAQs (link top right of this page) for No. 8b Unwanted Homepage.

15-11-2002, 03:32 PM
I suggest going (if you're using IE - I'm sure you are) to tools/internet options and select the general tab. On this page there is a Temporary Internet Files section, hit the button that says delete cookies. You should also select delete files.
Now for the homepage section, you can enter the address you want to go in there. http://www.yahoo..... whatever.:)
Now you can select the privacy tab, and select the advanced button. Make sure there is a tick in the override automatic cookie handling checkbox. I would recommend setting the First-party cookies/Third-party cookies to prompt. I always allow session cookies, up to you.
Click on OK and then on apply/OK and everything should be sweet:)