View Full Version : what is the "System Volume Information" folder do and for?

14-11-2002, 11:43 PM
Hi all.....

I just did a virus scan on my system and detected few backdoor virus in my "System Volume Information" folder, and i already deleted the viruses of course. Thanks to Norton :)

Now, my question is, what is the "System Volume Information" folder do? and what is it need it for? it was a surprise that this folder can not be shown even i select "show all hidden folder & file" option. (If I didnt run Norton I wouldnt even know it exist).

Would it harm my system if i completely delete the whole folder???

Thanks in advance :)

14-11-2002, 11:47 PM
SVI contains your restore info, for rolling the system back. It means those nasties were on your system at some point when a restore point was created.