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14-11-2002, 05:03 PM
I am having problems with my stupid mouse. Can someone help me on this?

First can i use a serial port for mouse instead of the PS2 port i have got?
I tried using the serial port for the mouse by unplugging from PS2 port and plugging into the serial port (using ps2/serial converter) but the OS wouldnt detect it. Do i have to go and fiddle with IRQ's after pluggin into serial port or is the BIOS not letting me cause it justs wants a mouse into PS2 port only???

My port is getting faulty i guess. The PC is 3 1/2 yrs old. And sometimes mouse is not detected and i have to fiddle around with the connection before its detected ( DMI Pool updated message appears)

And today i managed to get the mouse going and now what happens is the mouse cursor (arrow) is shaking while its idle on the screen. you can see it buzzin like a waveform on Oscilloscope.

Worse when i click the scrollbar and move up and down to scroll a page the window starts shaking. I even tried changin monitor freq fearing the monitor is giving up but its the same. And i have tried 3 diff mouse with the same "not detected" effect.

So i want to try into serial port and want to know if i can do that. Also i have got USB port so can i plugg a USB mouse or is my motherboard too old for this config?

The mb is : Gigabyte GA-686LX4


14-11-2002, 05:46 PM
Its your operating system that will determine the ability to use USB.

Have you loaded the correct Mouse drivers? If its not compatable with the default OS drivers, that could easily explain your problem.

14-11-2002, 06:11 PM
Thankxx GF,

My suspicion dont go on the drivers.
It worked fine previously (for about 3 months) and the mice i have tried are Microsoft ones, so Win has inbuilt generic drivers for it i guess.

The problem seems to be intermittent. The screen shakes when i scroll down the page (holding and dragging mouse down on scrollbar)
the Shakiness is exactly like when you hold a ringing mobile phone near against your monitor.

Right now it seems all good. No problems but in few days it will crop up again. So i have thought of using diff mouse on maybe USB or serial port.
And i just wanted to know if i can do it that way or is there some BIOS limitation such as only allowin mouse on PS2 port?

And from what you said i can use it. (OS is Win XP)
What about serial port? Can i use it? Of course as i said the mouse doesnt get detected when i plugg into serial port and so do i need to play with IRQ's??

I dont wish to spend on buying USB mouse if i can solve this problem using serial port if thats possible.