View Full Version : Strange Multipling Ghost Folders & Files being created after Win98 reinstall

07-10-1999, 10:44 PM
On Saturday gone Win failed to load normally as it could not find win.com (which was there but was damaged or corrupted as size was smaller than win.com I now have installed)In frustration I gave up trying to find & extract win.com file from my Win98 CD & reinstalled Win98 which worked successfully. When I went in to check win.com file details noted a new folder had been created ' C:\wininsto.400' which contained 3 ghost files. ie cryptic file names (e.g :_?____._
w !!you get the idea!!)all file sizes in Gb (the thought of such storage space is nice though) and properties check reveals o bytes & no other info on file known. Whilst this intially didnt concerm me it does now in that multiple sub ghost folders & files are being generated which I can not delete within explorer as folder/file does not exist or is invalid. Last count 30 odd ghost folders & files and growing.
This may all mean my best approach is (havent tried attacking them yet at dos level to see if thats workable or just a waste of time-also doubt very much that this is a virsus at work) to get around to doing a clean install of Win but I would be interested if anyone out there has struct a similar prob or got some suggestion.
Many thanks & Cheers