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08-11-2002, 04:34 PM
Can I?, if so How?, and is it worth it?

My puter at work runs Win95 with a 2GB hard drive. It had been partitioned by a previous employee into C and D drive. He stored all his own stuff on D, now empty. C has all the OS, company programs etc. C has only 20MB left and running like a pig.

Can I undo the D drive partition without doing an f/disk and losing everything?
Or is there an easier way to free up space on C by transfering some files to D?

Ummm ...

All input greatly appreciated.

Rod J
08-11-2002, 04:58 PM
Yes, it is possible, but I wouldn't use MS-Dos Fdisk to do it because it would probably delete your 'C' partition too. Best bet would be to download Ranish Partition Manager (http://www.ranish.com/part/) and use that to delete the 'D' partition. Suggest you backup anything you can't easily repace before doing anything though, because you could end up having to do the format thing in any case.

If Windows hasn't been reinstalled for some time and you can reinstall your progs and data OK it might be a good time to start 'fresh' with a cleaned out system :)

Big John
08-11-2002, 05:04 PM
Take the drive out of the box, drop it on the road and let a tanker drive over it :-0

Or you could use something like Partition Magic to remove the partition and expand the old one. However you will need to copy the data over before hand

Graham L
08-11-2002, 05:06 PM

It's always a bit risky modifying partitions. Can Ranish merge the two partitions? It probably can, but ...

I would keep it as simple as possible. First, move the swap file to D: .(Use the control panel, not "move"). Then make your major applications use D: for their data. Also do a purge of .TMP files, and the programmes which have not been used since the day they were installed because they "looked useful".

08-11-2002, 05:22 PM
Yes, it's quite possible, but you might have a limitation with your Windows 95 file system. The version of DOS that came with Win95a could only support FAT16 partitions, which have a limit of 2Gb maximum disk partition size. Right click on My computer, select properties & check wether you have just Windows 95 or Windows 95b, If you have the B version, you're in luck, but you may need to convert your partition to FAT32 before you start. NB, Converting to the FAT32 file system will increase your available HDD space, but your files will be quite fragmented, so you'll have to run a disk defragmenter before doing anything else. To check, right click on your C: icon & select properties. In the following window, you'll either see FAT or FAT32. FAT is the FAT16 file system

The best tool to use is Partition magic, but as you already have very limited HDD space on your main partition, it's not going to work if you install it to the second partition, which you intend to merge into your first, as it will be overwritten in the process.

What you need is a small program freely available from the net called Ranish Partition Manager. It does much the same thing as Partition magic, but it doesnt have the windows user interface & it doesn't have to be installed, thoug in using it, you might need a bit of computing know how & an understanding of how hard drives & file systems work together. With Ranish partition manager, you can boot from a formatted floppy disk. To format a floppy, insert one into your drive, right click the drive letter & select format. When the dialogue bos opens, select copy system files as well a quick format. When finished, copy the uncompressed PART243.exe file to the floppy, insert it into your FDD & restart your computer.

When presented with a dos prompt, type in part243 then press return. You'll be presented with a blue window displaying the partitions on your HDD. The 3rd line down will be the first with Windows95FAT32. If there are any partitions below this line, cursor down to them & delete the partition. Cursor back to th3 3rd line & accross to the ending cyl field, backspace the numbers & type in the largest number below on the unused field & dont worry about the red warning at the top of the screen. Press enter & your cursor will move down to the right hand side of your screen alongside the title Starting:..., cursor down 3 steps to Partition Size, backspace the characters & type in the size displayed in the maximum field below. Press enter, then F2, then escape. When Windows restarts, run scandisk with the automatically fix errors check box selected, & windows should now reside on a full size partition

08-11-2002, 07:52 PM
why just transfer data files and install new progs onto d. i have programs install on 4 different partitions.

DO NOT move swap file to D unless you want your pc to run really slow.