View Full Version : Monitor Problems..

03-10-1999, 03:52 PM
I have a celeron 300a, Asus 16mb AGP TNT1 and a Shamrock 15' monitor.

Several months ago my monitors cable was damaged, it displayed only blue and green. It also seemed to have a problem displaying anything properly. Everything on the vertical axis moved back and forward.

(Imagine every 2nd line of pixels is moving slightly left, then slightly right very fast - its kind of like that..)

After awhile it ceased to display anything, so I took it in to get repaired. (Its still under warranty from TL Systems).

When I got it back, I had to return it again (because it wasnt fixed :P).

2 weeks later I got the monitor back, and it worked fine, except for everything still 'wiggled' back and forward.

This problem occurs in everything (dos, windows, linux, opengl/direct3d games...)

I've tried the monitor on other pc's, and it works fine, even on a computer using the same model tnt as me.

I have tried using other monitors on my computer (TL lent me one while mine was being fixed), and those monitors didnt have any problems.

I also attempted heaps of other things, but my post would be several pages long if I listed them all here.

The effect is worse in 1024x768, and with lower refresh rates.

Thanks, any help would be greatly appretiated.