View Full Version : Computer blew up!!

26-10-2002, 03:54 PM
My brother, after a couple of weeks of system lockups, turned on his computer yesterday and was greeted with a ball of smoke AHHHHHH!

I replaced his power supply.....hoping that that would help but kind of knowing that there would probably be substantially more damage ....and not alot happened. So he has accepted that his motherboard etc is cooked.

However, he is hoping to salvage his hard drives.

I have tried them both in two other computers and neither can detect them. I have checked jumper settings, swaped cables but with no success.

I have no experience configuring hard drives manually ( have only had to use atuo detect, so could I be missing something..... or are both the hard drives be damaged?????

ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE APPRECIATED - he has been downloading continually for about 4 months and doesn't wan't to lose his music.

Babe Ruth
26-10-2002, 04:14 PM
Jock, its possible that the hard drives are ok no promises of course. now can you post in this thread ALL the information about those hard drives you can find. Type, name, any identifiers whatever is written on the tags on the drives themselves etc. Also what operating system were they being used in etc... all the information you can give so that F1r's can give you some advice on how possibly the information on the drives can be read.

Option of last chance:
If all else fails and the information is REALLY important to you then (since you're in AKL) contact Computer Forensics DataRecoveryLtd (www.datarecovery.co.nz)